Do You Have Marital Problems?

The concept of unconditional love can be holding your relationship back.  Okay, so what is unconditional love?  Take a moment to think about it…

I like to think of unconditional love as the love from a dog.  Yes, a DOG!  Your best friend that greets you every time when you get home.  No matter what they are doing, they will drop everything to greet you.  A dog has simple needs; food, shelter, and attention.  Providing your dog with those three needs and they will love you no matter what.  Not to mention that they’re understanding and empathetic as well.

Unconditional love is love that comes without conditions.  This is the difficult part.  Having to put aside your wants and needs to love your partner for who they are.  We all have flaws and imperfections that must us who we are.  Loving your partner for these characteristics is “REAL LOVE”.  Your partner makes mistakes and may bother you to no end.  Did you ever stop to think of your flaws and imperfections?  I’m sure there is a list that can be written up for those.

What can we take away from this?  It is not my intent to pick out flaws and imperfections, but rather learn to love unconditionally.  Go back to the bias foundation of love.  it is important to put aside emotion, stress, fatigue, and trials to attempt to become bigger than those items that rule our lives.  Each item is short lived, but a marriage is forever.  It’s okay to be tired, stress, emotional, but don’t let it control you and take over arguments.  I followed a course that helps me control these items and more.

My marriage was on the rocks for several years and one day I woke up and wondered how we got here.  After learning the tools that were never provided to us prior to marriage we couldn’t be happier.  We learned to love unconditionally.  We are not always perfect, but we try every day and that’s very important.

Its time to reconnect and rekindle your love for each other.  If you have marital problems then I can help you find the tools to overcome these issues.  I learned how to save my marriage and so can you!  Check out